Business Writing Essentials

Business Writing Essentials

Become more confident in your written communication.

This course is ideal for: Anyone who writes correspondence (emails, memos, letters etc) at work

You will discover:
A step-by-step guide to writing at work
Valuable templates to help structure letters and emails
How to use apostrophes correctly
The 11 Golden Rules of Business Writing
How to write clearly and concisely






Starts Thursday 27 July 2017 , 9am–5pm
One day

Save time, get more done, write with confidence

  • Looking to improve your writing skills?
  • Want a list of ready-reference techniques that will give your business communications more credibility?
  • Would you like to write more clearly and with more confidence?
  • Are you allergic to grammar and apostrophes?
  • Fear not – learn the essentials in just one day!

Taking care of business

In business, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. First impressions can make a huge difference, so it’s vital that your written communication skills are as sharp as an Italian suit. You can never underestimate the power of well-crafted words!

The Australian Writers’ Centre offers the chance to learn these all-important skills with our one-day course. The fundamentals of good business writing are often not taught in school or university – leading to a perfect breeding ground for bad habits and misguided practices.

By teaching the key techniques to creating accurate and professional communication, you’ll be able to write with more confidence in all areas of your professional life. From job applications and work emails through to letters and documents. (Or perhaps even a persuasive case for waiving a parking fine…)

Credible communication

It all comes down to credibility – and with poor grammar or incorrect spelling, you have none. By understanding the fundamentals of effective communication, you’re (not your) learning skills that will affect (not effect) your entire career. As the title says, it’s (not its) essential!

In one day, you’ll learn:

  • 11 Golden Rules of business writing
  • four key questions you must ask before writing any document
  • a step-by-step guide to writing business documents
  • valuable templates and protocols to help you structure letters and emails
  • how to use apostrophes correctly
  • the ins and outs of hellos and goodbyes – writing salutations, honorifics and sign-offs
  • tactful tactics – or how to deliver bad news in writing
  • a clear framework on how to write clear and concise sentences and paragraphs
  • pitfalls – identifying frequently confused terms
  • plenty of practical exercises and much more!

If you have trouble writing succinct, professional emails,
Business Writing Essentials is the course for you.

- Emily Davies

Everyday essentials

Interactive, informative and invaluable, this course is ideal for anyone seeking more confidence in his or her day-to-day written communications. These skills are especially useful in customer service, sales and support roles, or for graduates looking to get an edge in the market. No prior formal training in business writing is necessary.

With most of today’s business communication delivered non-verbally, misinterpretation of tone is all too common. By getting the basics right, you will be both better presented and better understood. We may not all own an Italian suit, but there’s no reason our written communications can’t be smartly dressed every day! You’ll learn the skills you need to master the fundamentals of business writing so that you will enjoy the process and write with confidence.

You’ll also receive:

  • a comprehensive set of course notes and exercises, including apostrophe guides you can share with everyone in the office.
  • a copy of the Australian Writers’ Centre’s Australian Business Style Guide (valued at $49)

There was a logical flow, which made the course enjoyable for me. Take home notes were also great. I have told my colleagues and others that the course was helpful, interesting and that my writing is better for it.

- Isa Mu

Why is your written communication so important?

Just about everyone has to write letters and emails in their work. Your emails and letters are a reflection of your competence and professionalism, so you need to make sure you are creating the right impression among your colleagues and clients.

Your written communication can hold you back from the promotion you want or a job that you love. The good news is that you can learn the skills you need to create the right impression with your business writing and correspondence. In one day, you’ll learn how to write with confidence and clarity.

If you’re a middle manager or above, or your role requires you to write reports and proposals, take a look at our Professional Business Writing course.


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