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Take the guesswork out of editing business documents with this key to success.

  • Should you use the word affect or effect?
  • Is any time/anytime one word or two?
  • Is it correct to write 9am or 9 a.m.?
  • When should you use an apostrophe?
  • Is this bullet list even in the correct format?

Answer these and hundreds more questions with the Australian Writers' Centre's invaluable Australian Business Style Guide.

Good for business

To ensure clear and consistent communication from your business, you need a standard guide that can help clarify frequently raised issues in writing. But you don’t want to wade through mountains of theoretical discussion on the reason why. You just want the answer.

There are many guides to writing business documents that go into the theory and history of style and formatting. However, the Australian Business Style Guide is designed to be a quick reference manual that answers common questions and business writing issues.

This is a handy desktop reference that will save you time and ensure your writing follows a consistent professional editorial style.

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